Working of the Magnetic Bikes

When we speak of health and fitness, one of the central aspects that accompany one’s fitness journey is the use of cardio machines like the treadmill and stationary bikes. Although both of them comprise of their dimension of effectiveness in the subject matter, there are still perks for one, above the other.

For centuries now, people around the world are accustomed to the use of the bike to enhance their fitness and also to stay active throughout a certain period. Bikes are generally are of two types:

  • Electric Bikes
  • Magnetic Bikes

According to researches conducted by various health professionals and fitness experts, magnetic bikes giving you the best cardio workouts, are the most popular in the fitness and fat loss industry. One of the main reasons for their advantages lies in the fact that they work on the power of magnetism, which is in turn controlled by the flow of electricity through the bike, which changes the levels of bike resistance. Constant diversity in the difficulty and resistance level provides variations in the intensity, thus providing a better result on the effort.

Upper hand over the electric bike counterparts

One of the primary reasons for the use of bikes for weight loss and overall fitness is because they provide resistance against the body movement- which makes you try harder to burn your calories. This is the effect of “feeling the burn” when you push against this pressure. However, traditional electric bikes generally make use of resistance bands which loosens overtime. However, the use of magnetic resistance in cycles never fade, hence providing a steady flow of resistance and energy.

The presence of magnetic resistance generally makes use of the electricity provided, at variable resistance. It is a known fact that the magnets in a bike either attract or repel one another depending on their poles. But this generally does not take place in cycles due to the presence of electricity which enhances or diminishes the attractiveness or repulsiveness of the magnets, accordingly. Their “dormant” magnets behave in a way reminiscent of the humungous electromagnets that generally find their use in the junkyard to move large goods and cars.

The use of flywheels in magnetic bikes

To enhance the effectiveness of the bike, we generally make use of flywheels that is a magnetic resistant band, linked to the magnets in the bike. This controls the level of resistance by inducing electric currents that run into the magnets. Whenever a button to increase the resistance is pressed, it enhances the current flowing through these magnets. A higher current increases the strength of the magnetic wheels that in turn enhances the opposition in the flywheels, which makes you push harder to turn the wheel. As a result of this, the amount of calories burned during a session of biking on magnetic bikes is much higher than the magnetic strip bikes.

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