The Most Common Gaming Injuries

Gaming is a popular activity that many tend to follow as the different levels of excitement and skill keep them going. Moreover, since a new game hits the market every other month, these gamers are tempted to play and explore the same. However, this particular activity also leads to several injuries, and it is high time that we learn about them. So to give you a proper idea of the same, here are the most common gaming injuries.

Gamer’s Thumb

A gamer’s thumb is a common injury in this regard, and almost every other gamer has come across the same. It is popularly known as Quervain’s Tenosynovitis and is a condition where the tendons that move the thumb tend to become inflamed. Due to that, gamer’s thumb is closely associated with console gaming, and you need to be aware of the same. This particular injury comes into effect through repetitive usage and strain, and you will experience thumb pain, wrist pain, and so on.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Thanks to overuse, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another injury that many gamers are exposed to. The pressure of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel of the wrist is what causes the same as a result of overuse or long hours of gaming. The best way to acknowledge whether or not you have this injury is to look for common symptoms like tingling, numbness, the pain of the thumb, index finger, etc. Taking breaks while playing and not gaming for hours together can prevent you from facing this issue.

Eye Strain

After staring at the screen for hours, the muscles in and around your eyes might become irritated, leading to eye strain. Since it involves any device, this particular injury can come to any individual whose job is to stare at a screen for hours. As it can lead to different problems, you need to take a cautious step and learn to avoid the same. Letting your eyes rest by focusing on something else apart from the screen is a simple solution that can solve this problem. Hence, follow the same and move ahead to do the right thing.

Mouse Elbow

As the process of gaming can be carried forward on different devices, Mouse Elbow is a common one for PC gamers. It is an overuse strain that tends to occur in the extensor tendons of the fingers and wrist outside of the elbow. With misuse and imbalance being the main reasons, one knows how to prevent this injury and move ahead in the right manner. As a result, you need to look into the same and understand the different kinds of effects that it can cause.


Hence, that was the most common injuries that could affect a gamer.

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