Taking Care Of Yourself During A Pandemic

The world has wholly gotten topsy-turvy because of the current prevailing pandemic, and there is a lot of panic regarding the coronavirus infections. The cases are skyrocketing every single day, and we are stressing over it. There has been a lot of response regarding this virus and what we should do to eliminate it or be safe from it. The recommended one is to stay at home. Every single government that is properly functioning has recommended that the civilians stay home. Every single time I place a phone call, I am greeted with a message that says I should stay home because of the novel coronavirus. We could take a lot of things for granted during this tough time, but we should never take ourselves for granted. We should take care of ourselves during such a pandemic situation. Our mental health is undoubtedly going to be affected because of this. We should make sure we take the necessary measures, so that we are happy. Make sure that you go easy on yourself. Do not give yourself a hard time. It would help if you told yourself to be strong and get through this in a healthy manner.


Here are some things that you should do:

Make sure that you are properly active. It is a well-known fact that exercise helps in physical and mental health aspects. There are so many different kinds of exercise that you can do without absolutely any help. You have YouTube to help you. I would recommend some yoga.

The next thing that I would recommend would be to take a walk, wearing a mask and also making sure you are far away from people. If you had a pet, like a dog, I feel it would be a great opportunity to go on long walks.

Make sure that you spend 15 minutes every day, just meditating. Try and clear your mind. Just breathe. Take 10 to 15 deep breaths.

I do understand that person to person meeting up is off the table with certain people in your life, but you can still stay in touch with the help of advanced technologies. You can use WhatsApp, FaceTime or any social media app to stay in touch with your friends and family who are far away from you. Make sure that you check on people who could be vulnerable to being lonely. Stay in touch and help them out as much as you can, while also helping yourself.

Eating home food

Start a new hobby. Start eating home food. It is the safest way to stay away from the virus.

The news is filled with journalists who are trying to take advantage of the situation. Try and stay away from the news and see if you can get updates from a mobile app that doesn’t dump unnecessary sewage on you.

Watch and read uplifting content.

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